Attention! The UserAppstore requires Samsung SmartHub models of Series H and older!

How does the new UserAppStore work?

Everyone: has a private easily modifiable InstallApps list !

Samsung: offers its developers, and thus to each user the ability to define their own: apps and to deposit a widgetlist.xml file at a fixed IP address - eg.: our server would have ip-address . This way we can only: present the same InstallApps list to all users.

Now the trick: is that we know your current IP address (%{request.remote_addr}) and therefore: can present your very private InstallApps list dynamically.:

Therefore, it is imperative that you sign up and register: if necessary beforehand so we can save your personalized InstallApps: list.

Compiling the InstallApps list from the UserAppStore:

We present to you a variety of apps that we have collected: from various public sources. In the UserAppStore we have listed: these apps according to different criteria . For example, by frequency of: use by other users .

To place a single app into your personal: InstallApps list just click the checkbox next to the app in your personal: MyApps or the UserAppStore list.

By clicking the remove icon: in the InstallApps list the widget will disappears from your personal: InstallApps list immediately.

Your own private Apps (MyApps):

In addition to all publicly available apps in the UserAppStore: , you can create your own list of apps . To do this, select: the menu item "MyApps" .

There you can upload either an: entire widgetlist.xml file or define individual apps.

In the: "MyApps" list you can set a checkmark to add the app to your private: InstallApps list .

Disabling Apps

An app: can be disabled by the owner or completely taken out of the store. In both: cases, it is automatically removed from all personal InstallApps lists:

Quality of the apps

The operator of this: website provides no warranty for the functionality and content of the selection: shown in the UserAppStore . Apps whose associated URL is not readable: will be automatically deactivated.

On abuse of the: page, the operator of this website reserves the right to delete users from: the UserAppStore.